Energy Efficiency

Citizens and municipalities often lack time, resources and technical expertise to initiate energy renovations, leaving the potential for energy savings largely untapped. European targets at the same time require 80% of energy savings in the building sector by 2050. REScoop MECISE is bridging that gap. Our project partners are currently helping citizens and municipalities to initiate energy efficiency measures and save energy in their homes or buildings.

Ecopower successfully developed the cost-covering service, Ecotraject, to assist citizens (members) with deep energy renovations in their homes. This model can be replicated by other European energy co-ops.

Courant d’Air and Ecopower successfully won a public tender to erect 6 large wind turbines in the Belgian communities of Amel & Büllingen. The wind farm will be owned by the municipality and the citizens. The investment will generate additional income to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

On the interactive map you will find all the EE projects that have been developed throughout the REScoop MECISE project.

private projects Energy savings in private homes

Ecopower successfully developed the cost-covering service "Ecotraject” to assist local citizens (members) with deep energy renovations in their private homes.

public projects Energy savings in public buildings

Ecopower and Courant d'Air are teaming up with municipalities, helping them to save energy in their public buildings.