Courant d’Air

 Courant d'Air was founded in 2009 in an attempt to give citizens the opportunity to participate in the wind energy plant at Waismes (Belgium). Three partners are involved in this wind energy plant, which currently comprises five turbines. Each partner is an independent owner of its wind turbines and thus directly involved in the sale of the electricity produced. Courant d'Air owns two turbines in this wind energy plant, which has been in operation since September 2011. 

Courant d'Air is open to everyone and currently counts some 1750 members. By share subscription (€250), these members were able to bring in a capital of just over €3.5 million. 40 % of the members are from the German-speaking Community in the east of Belgium. The cooperative pursues projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Moreover, Courant d'Air enjoys the juridical and fiscal statute of an enterprise "with social objective". This means that members seek only limited personal profit, and the company pursues specific social objectives set out in the statutes. Courant d'Air aims at opening renewable energy access to as many citizens as possible. Beyond the distribution of a moderate dividend, Courant d'Air seeks to initiate and support social, environmental and sustainable projects for the benefit of citizens and the common good. As part of this mission, Courant d'Air considers the raising of awareness on climate change, fossil fuels and nuclear energy as social goals, and seeks to sensitize people to the use of renewables and to the economical consumption of energy.

Involved in projects: