REScoop MECISE is the result of a Horizon 2020 PDA project (2015- 2019) with the same acronym that aimed to mobilise European citizens and municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable and decentralised energy system. A consortium of established energy cooperatives developed projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the end of the project we set-up a European Cooperative Society to offer financial facilitation services to energy communities and foster collaborations between energy communities and local municipalities: REScoop MECISE SCE.


Read our blue book to learn how we mobilised EU citizens to invest in sustainable energy. The book will guide you through our main achievements and contains interesting examples of how citizens energy communities can team up with their local authorities to accelerate the transition and keep it in the hands of citizens.


These brochures guide you through the main achievements of the REScoop MECISE project. They will tell you everything you need to know about the renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that we developed under REScoop MECISE. They also explain how we teamed up with municipalities to keep energy in the hands of citizens and how our Mutual will overcome financing needs of citizens energy communities from across Europe.

Press release

In 2019, we launched REScoop MECISE, a European Mutual for Energy Communities Investing in a Sustainable Europe. Through that we aim to overcome various financing problems encountered by energy communities from across Europe.