REScoop MECISE is a European project that aims to mobilise citizens and municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable and decentralised energy system. With support from the EASME, a consortium of established energy cooperatives develops projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency. In addition, they seek opportunities to set-up a financial facilitation service for all European energy cooperatives. 

International conference

Our conference on 22 January 2019 highlighted the main project results and showcased how local stakeholders such as cities, municipalities and citizens can team up to advance renewables and energy efficiency in their communities. We presented two innovative financing models that can mobilize citizens from across Europe to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Project brochure

Let the brochure guide you through our main achievements and tell you everything you need to know about the renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that we developed, the way we teamed up with local authorities and how the REScoop MECISE mutual works.

Press release

We are launching REScoop MECISE, a European Mutual for Energy Communities Investing in a Sustainable Europe. Through that we aim to overcome various financing problems encountered by energy communities from across Europe.

We have a new book!

Read our brand new book to learn more about the main achievements of REScoop MECISE and to see what we have been working on in the past few years.