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Flemish REScoops invest in solar panels on schools and help them save energy
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Klimaatscholen2050 - Solar energy and energy savings in schools

6 Flemish REScoops (including Ecopower) joined forces won a public tender for the financing and implementation of solar PV-projects on catholic schools in Flanders and Brussels. Next to solar panels, energy efficiency and energy monitoring are also part of the offer. In this project, the REScoops work together with 4 engineering companies - all linked closely to the participating REScoops - that will accompany the schools to save energy. Another partner is EnergieID, an online energy management platform.

A website - - promotes the offer to the schools. On this website, the school management can find the basic information on the project and can subscribe for a screening. The REScoops do a first screening of the school that subscribed and analyse the potential for a PV installation on the rooftop.

Additional information

Solar energy

The school makes its roof available for a solar project. The school does not have to finance the project. The initial investment is done by the REScoops. Teachers, parents, personnel, neighbours (or other interested citizens) all have the opportunity to invest directly into the solar panel installation. The school benefits from buying the electricity directly from the solar panels at a lower cost price. The REScoops will take care of the maintenance, repair and operation of the solar panels for 20 years. After that period, the solar panels will become property of the school at no additional cost.

Energy efficiency

The engineering companies have worked out a joint approach to assist schools to save energy. They will focus on good energy monitoring and more efficient use of the present HVAC systems. They will also focus on the realization of quick wins and set up an energy efficiency action plan. Although the REScoops primarly goal is to invest is in solar PV systems, they will also consider the option to invest in energy efficiency measures in school buildings.