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Biomass | biomass
Asse replaces old heating oil boiler by biomass boiler fed with the wood coming from their green management.
Biomass boiler 150 kW
125000 k€

Wind project triggers the investment in an energy efficient heating system

Asse is one of the municipalities that is an example of how REScoops and municipalities can join their forces to mobilize citizens to invest in sustainable energy and energy efficiency. In 2014, Ecopower constructed 4 windturbines in Asse. 

Ecopower highly values strong partnerships between local authorities and REScoops, so we offer much more services than pure the profitable renewable energy projects like wind turbines. Ecopower is prepared to bundle the profitability of RE-projects with projects on EE, so projects with a low - or very unsure profitability become possible.

A part of the profit of the wind turbines is invested in providing energy consultancy services to renovate the heating installation of the builings of the technical services-department.