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Collaboration with municipality and other REScoops
120 KW
120 MWh Renewable Energy
126,000 €

This is a 120 KW solar pv project on top of a local cultural center. The municipality of Welkenraedt (Belgium) owns the center and launched a tender procedure for putting solar pv panels on its roof. Two local cooperatives (Courant d'Air & Bocagen) were finally selected and will act as a third-party investor. Although the installation is owned by the cooperatives, the municipality of Welkenraedt can use the solar energy and therefor pays a fee. The green certificates and the guarantees of origin belong to the cooperatives. After 10 years of operation, the installation will change ownership and become property of Welkenraedt. Courant d'Air and Bocagen committed to mobilize the local citizens to finance the project.