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Wind | wind
A project of 2 small wind turbines in harmony with nature and residents is waiting for a positive advice from Air Force
2 small wind turbines of 500 kW
1.200.000 kWh / year
815,000 €

St Julien Labrousse is a wind project of 2 wind turbines of 500 kW each carried out by Enercoop Rhône Alpes and the local association Energie des Boutières. After a preliminary study, a construction permit has been submitted on April 17th 2015 to the French public authorities. The construction permit was rejected by the Prefect of the Ardèche département following a negative opinion of the Air Force, on the grounds of possible risks for the safety of low-altitude training flights.
An appeal was filed on July 15th 2016 with the Administrative Court against the prefectural decision to ban the project. But we think there is little chance that the appeal will go through. According to unions from wind power developers, 4 000 to 6 000MW of wind projects were blocked by the Air Force in 2015 alone. Therefore now one of the objectives of the appeal procedure is also for communication and advocacy issues.