Walhain - Gembloux

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Wind project in collaboration with another cooperative
4 x 3 MW wind turbines
28.000 MWh Renewable Energy
22.000.000 €

This is a project that consists of 6 wind turbines in the municipalities of Walhain and Gembloux, in the center of Wallonia (Belgium). The project was initiated in 2010 by a private project developer (Alternative Green) who sold the licence for 2 wind turbines in 2014 to the local cooperative Vents d'Houyet. The latter decided to set-up a new legal entity - the cooperative ATOUTWAL - for the financing and operation of the project. Unfortunately Vents d'Houyet never succeeded in raising the equity capital  (6,7 million euro) and was forced to look for a partner. And that is how Courant d'Air got in the picture. In October 2015 Courant d'Air signed a contract with Vents d'Houyet. 

By means of a huge mobilization campaign from September 2015 to April 2016 Courant d'Air managed to raise over 860.000 euro. The number of members raised signifcantly from 890 to 1.280. Courant d'Air used this capital to buy 50% of the shares in ATOUTWAL. Without Courant d'Air, Vents d'Houyet would have had to collaborate with a private project investor. Courant d'Air also opened 5% of the project to the local cooperative NOSSE MOULIN.