Bois-du Gard & Ganotte

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Wind project in collaboration with other REScoops
4 x 3 MW wind turbines
24.000 MWh Renewable Energy
14,000,000 €

In 2016,  the institutional operator of the highways in Wallonia (SOFICO) launched a public tender for the development of wind farms along the highway. A consortium of 8 REScoops (Clef, Courant d'Air, Champs d'énergie, Ecopower, Emissions zéro, Ferréole, Hesbenergies and Nosse-Moulin) won the tender for 2 projects; a first one in the municipality of Mons (Bois-du-Gard) and a second one in Péruwelz (Genotte). The projects will be 100% owned by the REScoops who will develop, finance and operate them all by themselves. In both Bois-du-Gard and Genotte, the REScoops intend to develop two wind turbines. The studies will start in Spring 2018.