Elsenborn - Bütchenbach

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Wind project in collaboration with private project developer
2 x 3MW wind turbines
12.000 MWh renewable energy
7,000,000 €

This project consists of 6 wind turbines in Bütgenbach, a municipality in the German speaking region of Belgium.  The private project developer Electrabel-Engie there owns a wind farm of four large wind turbines that need re-powerment. They also want to invest in two completely new installations. Courant d'Air got in touch with Electrabel-Engie in 2016 and asked them to consider the participation of local citizens, something that had never been taken into consideration before. Courant d'Air organised several meetings with the private developer and the municipal council and managed to convince both stakeholders.  In March 2018 Courant d'Air signed a contract with Electrabel-Engie and got its hands on two wind turbines. This implies that Courant d'Air will be own, finance and operate the machines all by themselves. Courant d'Air will mobilize the citizens of Bütgenbach and the municipalities nearby.  Environmental studies will start in Spring 2018 and they hope to apply for the licenses in 2019.