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Solar | solar
Brown field rehabilitation
Installation of approximately 250 kWp
325 MWh / year

Aubais is a photovoltaic project of 250 kW on the grounds of an old dump site classified as a polluted site. The project is carried out by a collective of local citizens named “Les Survoltés d'Aubais”. The project started in 2012 and is supported by Enercoop Languedoc Roussillon for the technical and legal expertise.

The final version of the business model and the convention for grid connexion are underway. The lease agreement has been signed with the local authority (the city of Aubais) in August 2016 after several months of negotiation on the rent amount and the length of the lease.
The share offer will be launched in October and November for citizens to invest in the project and the construction works will start at the beginning of the year 2017.