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Wind project in collaboration with the municipality and a private project developer
4 wind turbines of 3 MW
28.000 MWh annual RE production for the cooperative and municipality
22,000,000 €

Burg-Reuland is a  project of 6 wind turbines in the German speaking region of Belgium. The project was initiated by a private developer (Mobilae SPRL) who agreed to open the project to Courant d'Air and the municipality of Burg-Reuland. Together the cooperative and the municipality will keep 4 wind turbines in the hands of local citizens. The environmental study started in 2014 and the first application to obtain a license was submitted in June 2015. The private developer withdrew the application before it received the final decision in order to gather additional information. An important aspect was that many local citizens opposed against the project. Courant d'Air now intends to approach these people and explain them that they can join in. The first reactions seem to be much more positive.  Today the project is on hold but the private developer intends to resubmit in 2018.