Lums de Larzac

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Different photovoltaic installations on several buildings
18 installations of 9 kWp each

Lum del Larzac is a photovoltaic project of 18 roofs installations of 9kWc each. The project is led by a collective of farmers supported by Enercoop and Energie Partagée. The special vehicle company (SAS Lum Del Larzac) was officially created in April 2015.

A first investment of 11 000€ is planned by Enercoop (via the Energie Partagée Investment Fund) before the end of 2016 and all the roof installations have been set up during the spring and summer 2016.
The SVC Lum Del Larzac wishes to continue the project with the construction of another PV installation of 100 kWc on the roof of a barn.